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Matt Smith, CMT, NMT, ART


A native Californian, Matt grew up in the Central Coast town of San Luis Obispo. 

 Matt is a former actor, teacher, soldier, skydiver and humanitarian worker… and has also resided in Columbus, Georgia; Anchorage, Alaska; Los Angeles, Ca; Northern Somalia; Uganda; Haiti; and now calls San Francisco's East Bay home.

 His personal and professional travels have taken him to over half the continents of the world and he has enjoyed wonderful friendships and adventures with each people group in every country he has had the privilege to visit. 

 One of Matt’s deep passions has always been to press in so to know people for who they are and not just as they appear to be.  That drive and desire eventually led him to the holistic/alternative health care field in order to cultivate a career in the service of assisting people’s immediate and long term physical/holistic needs.

 To that end, Matt graduated the National Holistic Institute’s 1350 hr massage & neuromuscular therapy/trigger point program with a diploma as an Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist and Health Educator.

Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy, like Deep Tissue Massage, focuses on specific areas of the client’s body to identify subacute and chronic pain at its source.  By targeting these “hyper-irritable” spots in a muscle… often times in muscles other than those in which the pain issue manifests… relief from a wide number of issues and conditions can be achieved in a relatively short time frame. Additionally, Matt is a Full-Body Certified Active Release Technique (ART) practitioner.  ART is considered by many manual therapy providers today to be the gold standard in Soft Tissue treatment.

Finally, Matt also blends Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) into his practice.  NKT is a diagnostic method use for determining where musculoskeletal dysfunction is in the body.

 Whether you’re looking for a simple relaxing massage, desire collaborative work on acute or chronic issues of pain or limitation, or something in-between… Matt looks forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Contact Info:     Email [email protected]     Ph.Number (925) 322 - 0805



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